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Mystic Pizza & Calzones

So here's the idea. Make great pizza, and don't just make great pizza once. Make it great over and over. And don't ever think that a great pizza is the greatest pizza. You've got to keep trying to improve.


*house tomato sauce
**romesco- catalan red pepper, almond and paprika sauce
***taleggio- aromatic soft cheese from northern italy
-V vegetarian
-VV vegan
-GF gluten free
-N contains nuts
Menu items may contain or come into contact with WHEAT, EGGS, SEEDS, NUTS, and MILK.

Served Monday - Sunday from Midday

all vegetarian pizzas can be made vegan by swapping mozzarella for vegan cheese, add £2 for a gluten free base, ask your server if you have dietary requirements.

Check the board for this week's holy calzone special calzone. It's where we keep the crazier stuff we won’t commit to making forever.


We were going to call the restaurant holy macaroni but we weren't sure we'd do mac n' cheese so we called it Holy Calzone and then only did 2 calzones and put macaroni in one of them. It's called branding.